Art parties are designed to inspire creativity for groups looking to have a little art fun. These workshops are for people who have little to no art experience. Art designs are simple and created to delight the new beginner. Acrylic paint is used for easy painting that participants will feel proud to show off to their friends. 

Art Party Details:

We come to you.  A $250 deposit is required to book your art party. Deposits are collected before the art party date. An art host will need at least five participants. Workshops last roughly two hours. We bring all supplies and set up for you. 

Prices per person are as follows:

With 5 to 12 people, the price is $45 per person to participate.

With 13 to 24 people, the price is $35 per person to participate.

Maximum occupancy is 24 participants.



Workshops are designed for people who have drawing skills. Participants will draw and work with watercolor paints. Designs are slightly advanced selections in watercolor to challenge the participant to tap into the creative world of watercolor. The artist works closely with participants to encourage growth and development of the artist and the art. 

Workshop Details:

We come to you. A $250 deposit is required to book the workshop. Deposits are collected before the workshop date. Workshop host must have a minimum of five guests to book a workshop. Workshops last roughly three hours. We provide basic watercolor supplies and we set up for you.

Prices per person: $65

Workshops are small. Maximum occupancy is 12 participants


Kameko supports community art programs. Supplies must be provided by the organization or the community hosting the event.