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Kameko Madere

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Kameko Madere

Kameko Madere was born and raised in Los Angeles, California with family roots from Louisiana. She is a full-time artist, passionate, and committed to using her voice in the arts.  Kameko is self-taught by God's grace. When she is not painting, she enjoys traveling and seeing the world. Women and children hold a special place in her heart. Most of her work is centered around them. Beyond the paints, Kameko supports organizations that better the lives of women and children. Kameko has been invited to speak to inspire creativity in others. She serves her community in the arts and hosts art workshops for creative fun. As an upcoming artist, her voice is emerging, her talent is evolving, and she paints to freely connect with the hearts of viewers worldwide. Kameko resides in the city of Fontana with her husband and their three children. 


  • University of Redlands BA / School of Business Arts & Management
  • Santa Monica Cosmetology / Licensed Cosmetologist in the State of California


  • 2017- solo show/ Claremont Forum , Claremont, Ca.
  • 2017- group show /Live Oak Art Center, Columbus, TX.
  • 2017- solo show/ Fontana Art Depot Gallery, Fontana, Ca.
  • 2016- group show/ Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, Ca.
  • 2016- solo show/ Steelworkers Auditorium, Fontana, Ca.
  • 2016- solo show/ Canyon Crest Winery, Riverside, Ca


  • 2017- Support in the Arts by the City of Fontana, California

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  • 2017- City of Fontana Community Paper
  • 2017- The Colorado County Citizen
  • 2016- City of Fontana Community Paper


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