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My artist journey is what we need to talk about. Well, I will talk about it and you can read along. I welcome your comments below to talk back to me and share your thoughts. I will begin by saying, I am in a shift in my art career. I have honestly done so much. I’m a self taught artist. Giving just a little background, I grew up drawing pencil images. I didn’t take my artistic gift seriously growing up, it was just a hobby.

Many years go by, fast forward, I get a bright idea to design my own cards and gifts. I soon discover the craft industry is a billion dollar industry and I could turn this into a career. So, to work I go. But I quickly find myself unfulfilled. I realize my designs are commercial and I want my work to carry more meaning.

I soon find myself creating a solid body of work, exhibiting my art. I discover the fine art business is a different business than the craft industry. I also quickly discover, fine art has conversation attached to it and I didn’t know what my art was possibly saying yet. I immediately gravitated to painting black art. I found myself feeling out of place and not understanding why. My identity was coming forth through my work but I didn’t feel settled.

Last year, 2018, I started blending paint colors, making abstract paintings. I didn’t know where this new inspiration was coming from but it felt right! Today, I am studying artists of the past, and artists of today to inspire my abstract color painting. This was a hard decision for me to make. I am learning to speak and express myself in a new creative way. Will I continue to paint black art? Absolutely ! I can do whatever I want. I’m the artist. But for now, I am committed to push myself into new beginnings. Color speaks a universal language and I am boldly leaping into the conversation. I’m excited about my new work and I believe you will be also. Thank you for riding along this artist journey with me. It’s been a ride, and we are just getting started.

I’m writing a book titled, “Just Get Started” a book of inspiration for creative people who need to just get started. This book tells my humble beginnings and everything I learned along the way of my artist journey. I’m editing it now… hope to have it out of my hands and into yours soon!

Thank you for the love and continued support ….

Your favorite artist, Kameko Madere

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